Quicker target acquisition. Quicker follow up shots. Put the two together: game changer in a gunfight! [I] shot 2-1/4" group with a 1911 at 50 yards [and] 2" to 7" groups with a Glock 17 and a colt 1911 at 100 yards. [I shot a] 1-7/10" group at 100 yards and a 6" group at 200 yards with an AR. And these are open sights!

Chris K., Master Firearms Instructor,  Buffalo New York Police Department

Out shot a good friend with a high dollar scoop at 638 yds. with a 208 gr 30-60 out of a model 95 Winchester rifle, 12" disc bull.  Made him a DW Battlesight a believer. He wants to meet you and purchase some sights soon.  You made me a better shot. Thanks!

James Kurtz,  Houston, Texas

A Menard Central Texas Sheriff and Deputy officers visited my shooting range, invited me to their range in June 2016. Both men shot at 25 yards to establish a group utilizing their sights. We then shot at 50 and 100 yards using their sights and then with the DW Battlesight. Both officers shot better with the DWBS; The Sheriff shot a 2" group at 50 yards, the Deputy shot a 3.25" group at 100 yards. After shooting with the DW Battlesight both said they get it! The sights are impressive to look at but the concept until you shoot it is hard to completely appreciate them. 

Both are looking forward to a shoot in September in the hill country near Brady Texas on the San Saba River. There will be a prize for the best group at different ranges.

Remember a horse mounted officer shot one round and took out a terrorist at 80 yards wiht his pistol in Austin, Texas, you may have to shoot further than 10 yards. The people in Texas take shooting serious. "Dont Mess with Texas".

Dwight Williams, Brady Texas

I went to the range some time ago, after fitting that beautiful piece of work, the DW Battlesight, to the receiver of my late 70s model Marlin. As you can see by the image, the Marlin 30/30 shot particularly well - that test load was shot at 50 meters. I really liked the way you could wind that aperture way down at the range to make the front sight stand out. I use a standard bead, and the smaller aperture made for clear definition and depth of vision for load testing (my eyes are 58 years old). In the field, I opened the Merit up a bit to make more use of the available light - almost turning it into a 'ghost sight' - I set ranges for 50M, 100m, and 150m, well suited to my hunting block, its terrain and vegetation. I am sure the device would be suitable for ranges well beyond this. The sight is very solid and has extremely reliable repetition - and easily achievable too with the firm, clearly marked, ergonomic adjustment drums. Reading of the settings on the slide is a cinch. I have also included a pic here of a mature chital female deer I harvested for meat. She was about eighty meters away, clearly defined through the receiver sight. I'm a fan!  (Photos omitted)

Peter Hughes, Queensland, Australia

"This is a sight system that has been needed for years!" (See Shots /  Photos - Notes: August 2016)

SWAT Team Officer Nick Thompson, Beaumont, Texas

As novice shooter myself, I was able to engage target at 275 yards. Most important, target acquisition is quick and reliable.

Ved, Vice President,  Busch Tactical, Manlius, New York

I am shooting a 1885 Winchester .45-70 with Dwight's Battlesights. Dwight worked with me on a load using Hornady 325 grain FXT bullets. After sighting in at 100 yards, using the top of the blade, two shots, less than one minute of angle, we moved to 200 yards. After a sighting shot and sight adjustment, the next round, using the circle, was center of target.

I am 68 years old and have bad eyes. This is quite possibly the best set of sights I have ever used, and I do highly recommend them to anyone wanting to improve their shooting using iron sights.

Gene Matthews, Brady, TX

Most front post, pistol sights force you to contradict the safety rule to, “always see your target” by its designed “point of aim” behind the front post and dot. Most new shooters, most rifle shooters don’t know the post and dot should cover the target. It’s very frustrating.

This sight, however, allows you to keep your target under your vision. You can still properly focus on the front sight, but now the target is in your peripheral vision. The old, dot-over-target design butts against every instinct to ‘see your target’, against every safety training precept to ‘identify your target and background’. The DW Battlesight, however, unlike any other pistol sight available, either aftermarket or stock, is an elegantly simple, leading-edge advancement, replacing my pistol's three-dot sights.

It gets better.

It’s an elegantly simple change. With a few, precise alterations, even the need for night sights may be unnecessary – that was my first reaction with testing it, “I don’t need night sights with this Battlesight.” That was unexpected. With the ‘sky lights’ cut into the top of the post, with the larger front opening and the smaller rear aperture, the DW Battlesight uses ambient light, so low light is enough highlight the sight even against a black background – it’s a robust enough light collector that it is fully appreciated after handling and shooting in low light.

With the aperture instead of a painted or illuminated dot, DW Battlesight needs no repainting because of faded or chipped paint, no replacing fading night sights, just clean like the rest of the gun.

That’s everyday shooting. The Battlesight keeps along with good news.

For distance shooting, for a hundred-plus yard shooting, seeing the target improves accuracy by feet, not inches. This one sight effectively, at a minimum, doubles the effective range of handling a pistol with speed, target acquisition, and accuracy at extreme pistol distances. The biggest surprise was how much fun this sight made pistol shooting. Seeing your target eases the mind and helps with precision both in near and far pistol shooting. I did not expect it to be so much more fun, after having long ago giving up seeing my target with pistols, and now I have it back. It’s fun.

Tom Smith, Oregon

"I immensely enjoyed spending time at your home again and your helping me learn how to use the rifle/sights. I'm still stoked that I shot 500 yards and was less than 3" from the bullseye! There are even pictures to prove it! I've never, ever attempted such a long shot with any kind of optic much less a peep sight. However, I see that with good instruction, good equipment, and a plan, it is possible to shoot a lot farther than you think.

That .30-06 has quickly become my favorite weapon. As well, I've been looking up ballistics and calculating shots at different distances. I've actually already taken some of what you taught me and put it into practice. I took a friend, a novice, shooting and we went past the traditional 100-yard range. We went out to 200 and I set up not only my rifle but adjusted the scope on a .308 as well. My friend got close to the bull with some practice and I had a great time going past the normal herd. For me, shooting open sights has improved my ability with a scope and really, I just like it more because of the challenge.

Additionally, the next time I went to the range, I experienced a scope that had lost its zero for some reason. It was on a flattop and should not have been moved but it did. That was just a few days ago. My fiance' wasn't hitting the target and then I shot the rifle and hit dirt. I realized the scope had messed up for some reason and it's a Leupold, which is not junk. The durability in the field and even just transporting weapons to the range, the hunt, or wherever is another factor to consider with your sights. The peep sights are much tougher than a scope and, in my not so humble opinion, much cooler.

I'll be honest; I'm hooked. I don't have as much time as I would like to shoot but am definitely making more these days. I'd love to come back out and learn/practice some more. The instruction is worth its weight in gold, everyone is kind and friendly, and the hanging out is just fun. I've noticed that you are a good, principled man who loves his family and lives with a lot of conviction. All too rare anymore.

As far as the product, it is high quality and even more important than that, it works. For all of those who are skeptical, as I was before I tried it, then I would say get a taste and see. The sights are flat out incredible and I am shooting better than I thought I ever could. I can't say enough good things about the whole experience and I wear my Battlesight hat proudly every time I go to the range and tell anyone who will listen about it.

So thank you so much and God bless!"

James Kurtz, Houston, TX

"I have a DW Battlesight on my 1911 Remington. I was able to effectively hit targets at 50 to 125 yards. We got to playing around and [were] hitting a nine inch target at 230 yards with a .45 ACP.... That was fun."

 Bill Lohn, Brady TX

"I am David Snapp. I am an occasional shooter. By that I mean I only shoot 3 or 4 times a year. I am a Combat Medic who served in Vietnam and shot well enough to pass CHL test. I recently purchased a DW Battlesight. After installing the sight on my Glock 30 .45 ACP compact model with a barrel much shorter than on a 1911 A1, with the help of another veteran, I needed to make some small adjustments to the rear sight. After doing this and zeroing at 25 yards, we moved the target out to 100 yards. I really had my doubts until I fired a 2.8 inch group on the first try. All I can say is WOOOWWW and you gotta get one."

 David Snapp, Texas

"I went to a local gun range yesterday (8-23-13) with Dwight Williams to see how well his new front sight, DW Battlesight,  would perform on a rifle.  He was shooting a CZ  6.5 x 55 with a Redfield peep rear sight and his new battle sight front sight. We set up silhouette type targets at 200 and 400 yards.  He hit both targets with every shot without using a trial and error method to correct for each previous shot. He was able to place them in the kill zone and every shot he made counted.  This range also has a gong plate at 500 yards and I asked Dwight to see if he could hit a target at 500 yards while I spotted for him. He nailed the gong plate on the first shot as well. By then, I was really curious about what the sight picture looked like on this rifle. When I looked down the barrel at the 500 yard target, the first thing I noticed was how clear the target was through the sights.  The gong plate is only 16” wide but was clearly visible through the sights as was the 400 yard silhouette. I am 66 years old and when shooting open sight the target tends to get a little fuzzy. It wasn’t with this sight setup. It was an very comfortable sight picture.  I was impressed when I first used this sight on a pistol shooting out to 150 yards and was equally impressed yesterday using an open sight rifle at such long distances. As with the pistol sight, I will have this sight on several of my rifles."

Craig Lee, Bridge City, TX

"I am not versed in shooting, guns or have had an interest until recently. Before I met Dwight the inventor on Saturday, I had only ever shot a handgun once previously before in my life (in which belonged to my friend and colleague) who kindly allowed me to shoot it on a previous trip to Texas. This was a new experience. Dwight explained the thought process behind the new innovative sight, it is simple and makes logical sense to a non shooter. After explaining the safety aspects, the gun operation (Winchester I believe), Dwight allowed me to shoot the handgun at 25 yards and 75 yards. I hit the target area at 25 yards with a cluster distance of 4.0" between the two shots, after some training, I shot two target circles at 75 yards scoring 7 each time. I was amazed I even hit the target. The ability to utilise the round centre sight hole against a target, made it understandable of where to shoot and at what height and position to shoot for a desired distance. I have no question that the unique design allows accuracy in lining up the target shot in comparison to a standard traditional handgun sight. The sight can also give an indication of distance away from the target area. I was simply bewildered why such a simple innovation to a gun sight could be so effective and had not been introduced before."

Ewen Duncan, United Kingdom

"I had the opportunity to use a new sight recently that was, to say the least, impressive. I was asked to shoot a .45 semi-auto at a distance of 25 yards out to 150 yards...." "This new sight has the same square shoulders that a conventional bladed front sight has, but, unlike a solid blade, has a round hole the length of the sight, similar to a peep sight. The top of the sight is open allowing light in, giving it essentially an aperture effect that helps make the downrange target clearer when shooting at a distance. I also found that when using the top horizontal edge of the sight, this sight does not hide the lower portion of the target like a conventional bladed sight would do, making it easier to see more of the target and pick the precise aiming spot. I have never shot a semi-auto at distances farther than 25 yards, but, using this sight, was able to print the silhouette consistently at several distance out to 150 yds. I found I was able to use the aperture like a mil-dot scope, using the top, middle and bottom of the hole as targets became more distant. Like I said, it was impressive. Can't wait for these to come out on the market...I'll be getting several."

Craig Lee, Bridge City, TX

Our latest feedback:

"I had the privilege of attending a demonstration shoot for Dwight Williams' DW Battlesight system. At this demonstration, the sights were mounted to a Colt 1911 chambered .45. Because of the type of shooting I do, I adjust my sights for close-range work (within 25 yards). This makes shooting at longer distances more a matter of guess-work and luck than skill. With the DW Battlesight, there was no need to adjust the sights for close-range work. The system allows you to see multiple horizons simultaneously. In addition, because of the aperture of the sight, you have a built in mechanism to range the target. Where you aim is simply a matter of learning which horizon to use for a given distance (hence, the system). Thus, the DW Battlesight system greatly expands the useable range of your weapon."

Marcus D. Magness, Fresno, CA

"Hello. My name is Kevin Delk, and I am a lifelong shooter and have for the past 15 years worked in retail firearm sales. I have shot just about every type of sight system that is out there. I was asked to shoot the DW Battlesight and was unsure of how it would work. I shot it, and was amazed that I could take a .45 auto that I had never fired before and after two shots at 25 yds, accurately place shots on targets at 100 and 125 yards! The way the sight is designed, the shooter doesn't lose sight of the target like you would with regular sights. I think this sight is invaluable to the serious hunter as well as the combat shooter! Thanks Dwight for an amazing product!"

Kevin Delk, Brady TX