By popular demand, the patent-pending DW Battlesight is now available for Assault Rifles! These are excellent as standalone sights, or as backup for holographic sights.

**NOTE: These are built to military specifications for thread size and diameter and MAY NOT screw down into cheap, aftermarket front sights.

See More of Your Target:

The DW Battlesight Twin Aperture Front Sight:

*NOTE: Velocity and bullet coefficient will determine which sight picture to use at various ranges. The yardages given above are only suggestions.

The DW Battlesight Multi-Zero Front Sight for Rifles:

The DW Battlesight receiver peep is sold with or without a Merit disk. Merit disks are variable and can be adjusted to allow good sighting in any lighting condition. We offer Merit hunting or target disks, depending on your specific needs. The overall size of the hunting disk is smaller to allow lower mounting and reduce weight. The shutter leaves of the target disk are supported at each end to withstand heavy recoil. WE DO NOT SELL MERIT DISKS WITHOUT THE PURCHASE OF A PEEP SIGHT. More information can be obtained by visiting Merit's website at:

With the DW Battlesight system, you can see more of your target area, making it easier to find the kill zone. Using the circular aperture, you can easily find twelve o'clock on the front post, allowing you to quickly center your shot. 

Using conventional rifle iron sights, the front post obstructs the target area. Also, it is difficult to find the horizontal center of the front sight.

The DW Battlesight is a new, patent-pending iron sight system that allows incredible accuracy, both at close range and at distances in excess of 300 yards. On the basic sight, the circular aperture allows the shooter THREE zeros without making any mechanical adjustments. Twin aperture sights allow for FIVE zeros without adjustments. Unlike conventional iron sights, the target is not obstructed by the front sight, providing a clear view when lining up the shot. The eye is naturally drawn to the circular aperture, resulting in faster target acquisition. Additionally, the aperture in the front sight allows range finding capabilities, based on a simple set of data that can be learned. All DW Battlesight products are made of steel for rugged use and are proudly made in the U.S.A. Rifle front sights are available for ramp and barrel mounted dovetails. The DW Battlesight receiver peep sight perfectly compliments the front sight, further increasing rifle accuracy. Knurled knobs allow for easy adjustments without tools, and an internal micrometer provides for audible clicks. It has a home position set-screw for accurate repeatability and a directional arrow for windage adjustments. The mounting screw pattern matches Williams, Lyman, and Redfield receiver peeps, allowing for easier installation.