See More of your Target:

*NOTE: Velocity and ballistic coefficient will determine which sight picture to use at  various yardages. These sight pictures will allow you to shoot deer out to 200 yards and man-sized silhouettes out to  250 yards with a  44. Magnum handgun. The .45 ACP and .9 mm will perform well out to 125-150 yards.

The DW Battlesight Multi-Zero Front Sight for Pistols:

‚ÄčTarget @100 yards with DW Battlesight front sight:

And coming soon...

The DW Battlesight rear pistol peep sight!

One critical disadvantage to using a conventional patridge  sight is the fact that the rear sight covers up much of the target. The man to the right was in all of the previous graphics, but was hidden by the rear sight. Using the complete DW Battlesight pistol system, this problem is virtually eliminated!

‚ÄčTarget @100 yards with complete DW Battlesight system:

<- 20 inches ->

Using the DW Battlesight front sight, you are able to see more of your target area. (At 100 yards, a 1911 with a 5" barrel will show 20" of target area.) Now you can see that he is pointing a gun at you! The circular aperture also makes it easy to find 12 o'clock, allowing for faster horizontal alignment. 

The DW Battlesight is a new, patent-pending iron sight system that allows incredible accuracy, both at close range and at distances in excess of 125 yards. The sight's circular aperture gives the shooter NINE zeros without making any mechanical adjustments. Unlike conventional iron sights, the target is not obstructed by the front sight, providing a clear view when lining up the shot. The eye is naturally drawn to the circular aperture, resulting in a faster target acquisition. Additionally, the aperture in the sight allows range finding capabilities, based on a simple set of data that can be learned. The DW Battlesight is made of steel for rugged use and is proudly made in the U.S.A. Front sights are available for 1911's with dovetails and Glocks.

At 100 yards, the only visible target area is the man's head.  Approximately 8 feet of target area is obstructed by the front  and rear sight. Additionally, it is difficult to find the horizontal center of the front post.

‚ÄčTarget @100 yards with conventional iron sights:

<--------------------------------------- 8 feet ------------------------------------>