‚ÄčThe rear pistol peep sight is coming soon!
A home position set-screw provides for accurate repeatability.
Receiver peeps are made of steel for
rugged use, right here in the USA.
Directional arrows indicate windage and elevation adjustments.
Excellent visibility at night with a flashlight. Target can easily be seen and is not obstructed by the front sight.
The DW Battlesight design is patent pending.

Photo & Video Gallery

Adjustments can be made in the field by
hand, without the need for tools.
Never lose sight of your target!
A ramp-mounted DW Battlesight on a rifle.
DW Battlesight is now available for AR's
Our 135 Scale Elevation Arm (2.4") allows
shooting in excess of 1,100 yards.
The DW Battlesight mounted on a Glock 40.
The DWBS Receiver Peep can help increase your range
and is sold with or without a Merit aperture disk.
Allows you to see more of your target than any other front sight.
A barrel-mounted DW Battlesight on a rifle.
3/16" Spacing Block for Rimfire/Centerfire
shooters allows more LEFT windage.
Rear pistol peep prototype.