DW Battlesight Receiver Peepsight with Merit Target Disk: $292.33

DW Battlesight Receiver Peepsight without disk: $243.33

DW Battlesight is pleased to introduce its Receiver Peep Sight! Made here in the USA, these are designed for lever guns, left or right mount bolt action rifles, or on single shot flat receivers such as the 1885 Winchester or Sharps. To simplify mounting, the screw pattern matches Lyman and Williams peepsights. Testing has shown excellent repeatability for elevation as well as windage. The flat receiver sight and left mount bolt action sights should be available for purchase in approximately 6 weeks, with the right side mount bolt action sights to follow soon after. These will be available for purchase without a disk for $243.33. We will also offer these with your choice of a Merit Hunting Disk or Target Disk for $292.33.

All of these rounds were fired from a Shilo Sharps out of Big Timber, Montana using a DW Battlesight front sight. This is an excellent hunting combination for those wanting to take elk out to 300+ yards and deer to 275 yards, provided you can get a good rest. And don't forget a little Kentucky windage. Put the sport back into hunting.....get a good rifle and a DW Battlesight. Good luck and be careful!

October 29, 2013

The photo below shows a group of two rounds (high right), shot at 275 yards, almost an identical 9/10" group. With the correction, we were able to put the round at 1/2" from center.

BEFORE: 7" Group @ 250 yards

AFTER: .75" Group @ 250 yards

Important News about Hornady's Flex Tip .45-70 Bullet:

Yesterday I learned about the bearing surface on Hornady's 325 Gr FTX .458" bullet after speaking to a Hornady technical representative. Because the bearing surface is greater than the bearing surface on a 300 Gr HP, cautions should be taken to use loads that don't create excessive pressure. The short story is.....reduce the loads or risk damaging your gun and possibly yourself! After reducing the load from 56 Gr of IMR 3031 to 54.7 Gr, the results were excellent. Below are the before and after results at 250 yards after reducing the load.

October 16, 2013