This is quite possibly the longest recorded distance in history for killing a white tail deer with open iron sights! I shot this 7-point cull at a whopping 512 yards (per Leupold RX-1000 range finder) using the DW Battlesight system mounted on a .30-40 Krag, 208 gr. Hornady bullet (@ 2,446 fps). Just as I squeezed the trigger, the buck turned slightly from broadside to facing me and the bullet shot through and through nearly 29" of deer. The photo shows me pointing to the entrance wound, and displaying the rifle I shot it with. My friend, Craig Lee was with me on the shoot and witnessed the whole thing. If anyone knows of a longer kill shot, please let me know!

November 6, 2014

November 5, 2014

DW Battlesight is now developing a peep that allows the shooter to engage targets out past 1130 yards with a  .45-70. This was developed primarily to shoot the white buffalo target in Raton, NM for single shot and lever guns. Dwight was able to hit the white buffalo at 1131 yards (per Leupold range finder) both off-hand standing up and sitting at a bench rest. This new peep sight has 135 marks (a 2.4" elevation bar) and mounts nicely on Sharps, Marlin, or Winchester lever guns. It will match the screw patterns for Williams, Lyman, or Redfield peeps. The base has three screw holes, allowing you to pick any two when mounting. It can be purchased with or without your choice of a Merit hunting or target aperture disk.

For long distance shooting, we recommend the twin aperture rifle front sight to complete the DW Battlesight system. The scale is from 0-135 marks, each mark is 8 clicks, and the knob is 0-3. Having 8 clicks and references that can be recorded along with the scale number gives the shooter accurate repeatability that can be recorded on a dope card. This is a rifleman's sight!