Photos show screw for "home" or lowest starting point. This peep is equipped with a Merit disk for light adjustment.

The windage knob is on "3", which should be noted on your dope card, then you can CLICK INTO THE WIND instead of using Kentucky windage. On days when there is no wind, you can accurately return to "3".

Note red finger nail polish on knob marking "2" and the scale showing 20 (almost 21). The windage knob is marked with an arrow showing direction of adjustment.

It's one thing to shoot targets with a good rest and the sun at your back, but to shoot deer from a blind with a makeshift rest and poor lighting proves our concept works!

December 9, 2013

Receiver peep sights are now available for lever guns, single shot rifles, and left side mounting bolt action rifles. These sights have been tested for repeatability and accuracy. They mount right where your Williams or Lyman receiver peeps mount.

For serious shooters, just make yourself a dope card and record where your zero is (say on at 150 or 125), and record how many clicks, up or down, for different ranges. With conventional front sights, if you are on at 125 yards with a .45-70, then 1 click up will be 1/2" at 100 yards, and 1" at 200 yards.

Sample dope card:

On @ 125 yards

1 click up @ 150 yards

3 clicks up @ 175 yards

5 clicks up @ 200 yards

And so on.....

If you have a DW Battlesight front sight, you will need to remember that shooting the hole of the front sight means you have to lower the rear sight. This can be done by following these instructions:

1.) Set your Battlesight zero at the range you anticipate the majority of your game to be at, but no greater than 175 yards. At Battlesight zero, (let's assume 150 yds), you shoot the top of the flat, not the circle.

2.) Click down (this could be as many as 30 clicks down from Battlesight zero), and set the screw so that it stops 1-2 clicks below your designated point. Record the setting for scale and knob, then click up about 2 to 4 clicks.

3.) Fire your weapon at 150 yards. If you are low, add more clicks up and reset your screw. If you are high, RAISE THE SCREW, then click down and reset the screw. **NOTE: Attempting to forcefully click down without raising the screw could damage your sight.

4.) To develop your dope card, continue increasing the distance and shooting, recording the number of clicks up that you need to hit your target. Shooting the circle works best at 150 yards and greater and is much easier to see in low lighting situations.

If no screw holes are available on your receiver, a gunsmith should be used for installation.

With a rifle and the DW Battlesight system, I've shot 3 deer so far this season. All deer went straight down and expired quickly. My results include: a doe @ 250 yards, an 8-point buck @ 175 yards, and a turkey @ 175 yards, all shot with a 6.5 x 55. I also shot a doe @ 200 yards with a .45-70. Both the 6.5 x 55 and .45-70 cartridges were developed before 1900. I would also like to mention I shot a doe at 53 yards with my .44 Magnum pistol. Aiming with the circle on her heart worked well because of the shorter barrel. She ran about 30 yards and fell. Below is one of my dope cards, (front and back):