August 9, 2014

Shooting tight groups with a rifle and iron sights requires: a load the rifle wants to shoot,  bullets
set to the appropriate depth, powder that the bullet desires (pressure for accuracy is required), an accurate rifle, a good trigger, appropriate light, and a target with definition (white background with black circle). Below are the suggested target sizes for the various yardages:


          Example:             100 yards - Use a black circle of 10-12” 

                                     200 yards - 15-17”

                                     300 yards - minimum of 17” 

                                     400 yards - 18-20” 

                                     500 yards - 20-24”  

                                   1000 yards - 48”

                             1100 plus yards – 50-60”    


And of course you need a good shooter!

I recently shot a set of groups at 300 yards with a Shilo Sharps .45-70, a 460 lead head cast, 20-22 with gas
check, behind 42.8 grain IMR 4064 and Winchester PRI velocity of 1653. The first two rounds were 3.125” apart and the second two rounds were 2.8” apart. I was very happy with those four shots. I went to 500 yards and to my surprise using a black target with two 5” orange dots in the center of a 17” black bull it shot an 11” group. Not good, but not bad either. After speaking to my gunsmith, Ken Lloyd, he recommended I take the orange out of the center and just use the black circle (which is approximately 20”).  It was more defined and easier to see. The next group was 4” at 500 yards. Real good. The second two rounds were 4.9”. (See below). 


If you are a handloader try two to three tenths of a grain up and down to what you believe to be your best load and for sure move the bullet in and out of the case of brass. This will change your group several inches at 150 yards.