These next two photos were taken while Dwight Williams was sighting in his rifle at 575 yards.

It is written in the words of his long time friend, Glenn Durham.

"The first round is approximately 9" high and 6" left of center. (Note the white tape placed near center.) After the first shot, in an attempt to help my old buddy get his .30-40 Kraig on at 575 yards with a DW Battlesight, I radioed to Dwight to make an adjustment and shoot again. Dwight's 2nd shot was 2.5" high and .5" to the left. I radioed again and told him to shoot again to make sure it wasn't a fluke. After Dwight's 3rd round was 1.5" high and 2" right, I was convinced it was not a fluke, but darned good shootin' thanks to a combination of the sights, rifle, and shooter." -Glenn Durham

This turkey was shot in the craw (bottom of the neck) because his head would not be still at 95 yards. Gobbler was shot using a Shilo-Sharps rebarreled to a .30-40 Kraig and a 208 grain Hornady bullet. WHAT A GREAT MATCH!

On a side note, while hunting turkey, we found that a Shilo-Sharps .45-70 with a DW Battlesight makes an effective varmint rifle in the Texas Hill country! This squirrel was taken at 105 yards using the DW Battlesight:

April 15, 2014

We have results from our TURKEY HUNTING using the DWBS!