We are pleased to announce on April 26, 2016, DW Battlesights received our first patent. "The instant invention is particularly useful for rapid target acquisitions, more peripheral vision, target clarity, assistance in range finding and accuracy.  All of the above is accomplished without batteries or making handgun adjustments. The instant invention gibes the handgun user almost carbine accuracy. Law enforcement officers, highway patrol, border patrol, city police, military, special ops, pilots, truck drivers, sport shooters, ranchers and home protection would be all benefit from the above advantages for a side arm pistol."

Aiming for future patents! Coming Soon!

The partnership between Dwight Williams and Ken Lloyd began out of necessity, and grew out of a mutual respect for guns, God, and country. Dwight became a customer of Ken's nearly 20 years ago when he needed work on a trigger. Over time, Dwight realized Ken knew more about guns than any gunsmith he had ever met. Ken's expertise of weapons, coupled with Dwight's experience as a shooter, brings a unique combination of talent to DW Battlesight that is evident in our overall product.

Ken Lloyd is a master craftsman in a dying art. Born in San Antonio, Texas in 1963, he grew up in Taiwan and Guam, making him fluent in Mandarin Chinese and English. Driven by his passion for woodworking, Ken began gunsmithing as a way to further his expertise. In 1981, he returned to the United States and three years later, earned a degree in gunsmithing. He has owned his own gun repair shop since 1986, and currently leases a

workspace inside Schmidt Saw & Knife Works in Beaumont, Texas. For more than thirty years, Ken has rebuilt, repaired, and refurbished thousands of guns using methods and knowledge that can only be described as world-class. Although he does not sell firearms, Ken has the ability to make individual parts up to and including the entire weapon, and accurize it to its fullest potential. 

... and a world-class gunsmith.

DW Battlesight, LLC

Founded: 2013

Owner: Dwight Williams

Dwight Williams has been an avid shooter for nearly his entire life. He received his first gun at the early age of six years old and shot throughout his early years out of necessity and for sport.  In 1966, he enlisted into active duty in the United States Army and graduated basic training as an expert marksman. His military service included Infantry Officer Candidate School, Airborne School, Jumpmaster School, and commanding a Special Forces A-Team.  In 1980, Dwight started Williams Fire & Hazard Control and revolutionized the industrial firefighting industry. An inventor at heart, Dwight holds more than 30 patents in flammable liquid firefighting equipment and methodology.  In 2010, Dwight retired from business to pursue his true passion….reloading ammunition and perfecting his shot. His pending patent for the DW Battlesight will join a long list of accomplishments he has achieved in his 66 years. Dwight has been married for more than 45 years to the love of his life, and they reside between their home in Vidor, Texas and their ranch in the Texas Hill Country.


A lifetime of revolutionary inventions ...